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You've read the blog post "YOUR CHILD WANTS TO BE AN ACTOR: 5 Questions to Consider Before Getting Started". You've determined this is something you want to move forward with. Now what do you do next?

To prepare your aspiring child actor for submission to talent agents, it is important to build their skills through classes and credits. Additionally, investing in professional headshots is crucial. It's important to remember that there is no guarantee that an agent will take your child on, so make sure your child loves acting and continues to build their resume and skills. As you prepare your child (and yourself), consider these questions - What sets you apart from the thousands of other submissions from other talent? What are you pitching to an agent? Here are some suggestions for classes, building credits and headshots.

What acting classes should I take?

If you're interested in pursuing a career in acting or want to improve your skills, taking classes can be beneficial. Theater, improv, and on-camera acting classes can provide valuable training and experience. If you're in Atlanta, some recommended acting schools include the Alliance Theatre, the Atlanta Workshop Players, and Drama Inc.

How do I build credits without experience?

Joining a local theater group can be a great way to explore your interest in acting and gain valuable experience. Many successful celebrities started in theater (Hugh Jackman, Meryl Streep, Kristen Bell, and many more), and it can also be a good litmus test to see if this is something you really enjoy. Keep in mind that theater can involve a lot of waiting around, especially for kids. TV and film sets are no different. It's called the "hurry up and wait" scenario. Something to keep in mind if your child "gets bored" easily.

Participating in school plays can help you gain experience in acting, build confidence, develop communication skills, and make connections with others in the theater community. These skills and experiences can be valuable in pursuing a career in acting.


It's important to invest in a professional photographer for your child's business card headshots. Look for an experienced actor headshot photographer, preferably one with experience in kid headshots. Avoid relying on family or friends who may not have the necessary expertise.


It's important to put in a lot of effort before submitting to an agent. While it's not a guarantee, doing things like building a strong resume and developing skills can increase your chances. Ultimately, make sure your child has a passion for acting and enjoys the process.

Experienced industry parents, what other suggestions do you have for building a resume?


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