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Course Structure

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Learning Tracks

We have two learning paths, one for actors and one for musicians.  Each path has courses, tools and resources offered through a monthly subscription. The knowledge you gain will give you the confidence to submit yourself to agents for representation.  If you're a singer, you will know what steps to take to have your track produced and distributed to streaming platforms. See below to learn more about our subscription offerings.

Acting Track (coming soon)
Music Track (coming soon)

Learning Pillars

Become a star with the right knowledge and experience.  This is a business that requires a lot of hard work, innovation and resilience. Our curriculum will help you get the most out of your experience in this industry. We have modules designed to provide you with what you need to succeed in the entertainment industry. 

Learning Modalities

Our program is taught through a variety of learning modalities. Lessons will be taught using short-form videos, peer and industry expert discussions, use of templates and lots of highly recommended resources (acting schools, headshot photographers, self-tape equipment).

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Course Samples

(subject to change)
Modules are released to Silver & Gold subscribers on the 1st of each month.

Program 1

- Actor's roadmap & checklist

- Resume: Industry acceptable format, template

- Headshots: selecting photographers, "looks"

- Social Media: Basics for actors, 180 post ideas

- Work permits: How to get it

- Resources: private Facebook group, acting schools, photographers

Program 4

- Industry Lingo: Acronyms & what they mean

- Getting organized: Audition files, record keeping for tax purposes

- Social Media: increasing followers and engagement

- Resilience: Handling rejection

Program 2

- Casting Sites, establishing presence on IMDb

- Self-tape Set Up: backdrop, lighting, tripod, and equipment

- Bank Accounts: Coonan Account

- Social Media: optimizing Instagram as an actor, Canva and editing apps

- Training: building credits for resume

Program 5

- Casting Breakdowns: understanding how to read breakdowns

- Social media: Who to follow on social media / do's & don'ts

- Industry networking: where and how to network

- Manager vs. Agent: what's the difference and do I need both

Program 3

- Auditions: reading breakdowns (casting info), slates

- Self-Tapes: labeling files, editing, framing, examples of good/bad self tapes

- Training: Suggested acting classes to build your resume, monologues

- Social Media: Safety for minors, growth tips, brand pillars

Program 6

- Booked? What to expect next (including what parents can expect)

- Call Sheets: How to read and interpret, lingo, PA, AD, 2nd AD

- Set Etiquette: Kids on set and parents on set (do's and dont's)

- SAG requirements for kids working on set

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